In-rail/end point charging

Two options for charging

Both models of RiseBasic and all models of RiseAtlas, except the high humidity and SmartPark special versions, feature easy and convenient hand control charging as standard. As an optional extra, these ceiling lift units can be equipped with a unique charging solution, with one trolley for two charging options (in-rail/end point charging).

With this accessory, the ceiling lift unit can be set to function either with end point charging or with in-rail charging and, if the rail system is modified or if the ceiling lift unit is moved to another rail system with different functionality, the settings for charging of the ceiling lift unit can easily be altered.


In-rail/end point charging is available as an accessory for:


  • RiseBasic300M, item number 50100039
  • RiseBasic440M, item number 50100040
  • RiseAtlas450M, item number 50100057
  • RiseAtlas450T, item number 50100058
  • RiseAtlas625M, item number 50100059
  • RiseAtlas625T, item number 50100060


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Model specification
Art. no.70200062
NameIn-rail/end point charging
DescriptionTwo options for charging. Accessory for all models of RiseBasic and for all models of RiseAtlas450 and RiseAtlas625 with hand control charging.
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