Combi, attendant operated

A mobile and height-adjustable commode/shower chair available in three variants

The mobile Combi commode/shower chair is an assistive device allowing the user to sit down safely and comfortably during toileting or showering. It is supplied complete with toilet rails and can be used freestanding, with a bucket, which is available as an accessory, or standing over a toilet.

The commode/shower chair provides a stable and height-adjustable support for less active users with weak legs, low stamina and/or poor balance who sit on the chair for longer periods of time and who require more support and assistance during sit-to-stand and seated transfers.

Combi, attendant operated is mobile and very easy to move between different locations as well as to manoeuver, turn and adjust to different positions in various settings and situations.

Combi, attendant operated is available in three variants with different height interval, width and maximum user weight. All variants are suitable both for institutional and home care use.

Standard width and two different height intervals – for users weighing up to 150 kg/330 lbs

Combi, attendant operated is available in two variants with standard width (54 cm/21.2″); one with a standard height interval and one with a low height interval. The standard width allows these chairs to easily pass through narrow doorways.

Extra wide and standard height interval – for users weighing up to 200 kg/440 lbs

The third variant of Combi, attendant operated features a standard height interval but also a wider frame and a greater weight capacity making this variant suitable for larger and heavier users.

All variants of Combi, attendant operated offer the following features and advantages:

  • Stable and secure
  • Very easy to use
  • Compact and hygienic design, fits into any wet room
  • Stainless steel, suitable for wet environments and guaranteeing a long service life
  • Seat, backrest and armrests are made from soft polyurethane, a durable material, warm to the touch, with non-slip qualities
  • Height adjustable frame (via snaplock clips) allows adjustment for different user heights as well as placement of the chair over different size toilets
  • Detachable seat and backrest
  • Seat with keyhole shaped opening
  • Foldable armrests for easy side transfers
  • Maintenance free castors, all 4 with brake
  • Easy to keep clean

Wide accessory programme

Furthermore, our wide accessory programme provides for extensive customising and adaptation of all Combi chairs to meet individual user and caregiver requirements. For more information, please click the “Accessories” tab hereunder.

It is recommended that Combi attendant operated is always used in combination with the following accessory: Footrests (200810004).

Combi chairs – several models and variants enable the perfect fit for all users and caregivers

To enable a perfect fit for all users and caregivers, Handicare’s Combi commode/shower chairs are available in three basic models and several variants:

  • Combi, attendant operated; a mobile chair available in standard height, low and wide variants
  • Combi, self-propelled; available in standard width and wide variants
  • Combi, tilt; available in two variants with manual or powered tilt

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Model specification
Art. no.201903314201904314201911314
NameCombi, attendant operatedCombi, attendant operatedCombi, attendant operated
DescriptionLow height interval and standard width, mobile commode/shower chair, complete with toilet railsStandard height interval and standard width, mobile commode/shower chair, complete with toilet railsExtra wide and standard height interval, mobile commode/shower chair, complete with toilet rails
Total depth710 mm710 mm710 mm
Toilet opening210x310 mm210x310 mm210x310 mm
Seat height455-545 mm505-630 mm505-630 mm
Seat depth435 mm435 mm435 mm
Max user weight150 kg150 kg200 kg
Seat width510 mm510 mm510 mm
Total weight20 kg20 kg21 kg
Max. load on armrest75 kg75 kg95 kg
Castors diameter (Ø)100 mm100 mm100 mm
Total width540 mm540 mm640 mm
Backrest height310 mm310 mm310 mm
Backrest width410 mm410 mm410 mm
Armrests length480 mm480 mm480 mm
Armrests width50 mm50 mm50 mm
Distance between armrests430 mm430 mm530 mm
Material, frameStainless steel, powder coated (white)Stainless steel, powder coated (white)Stainless steel, powder coated (white)
Material, armrestPolyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)
Material, seatPolyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)
Material, backrestPolyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)
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