Transport seat cover, Combi

Turns Combi into a transport chair

Handicare’s Combi commode/shower chairs are assistive devices allowing the user to sit down safely and comfortably during toileting or showering. All models and variants are supplied complete with toilet rails and can be used either freestanding, with a bucket, which is available as an accessory, or standing over a toilet.

In combination with the transport seat cover, which is available as an accessory, the Combi commode/shower chair can also be used as a transport chair.

The transport seat cover is fitted loosely on top of the standard seat and can be used with all models and variants of the Combi commode/shower chairs.

Combi chairs – several models and variants enable the perfect fit for all users and caregivers

Handicare’s Combi chairs series is a range of high quality commode/shower chairs for all users and caregivers. The Combi chairs are available in three basic models and several variants. Furthermore, our wide accessory programme provides for extensive customising and adaptation of all Combi chairs to meet individual user and caregiver requirements.

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Model specification
Art. no.853100604
NameTransport seat cover, Combi
DescriptionFor all Combi chair models and variants.
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Care instructions EN INT 170 KB
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