Grab rail

For secure support in bathrooms, showers, toilets and many other places

Many accidents happen at home, especially in the bathroom, for instance in the shower or when stepping in and out of the bathtub. Slipping is common when the combination of water, soap and bare feet is present. This straight grab rail provides secure and reliable support in critical areas. It is a great solution for prevention of accidents also in other indoor spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom and hallway.

The grab rail, which is available in six lengths, can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal position. The user can hold the grab rail either in the middle section or in the angled part to get extra support during pushing or pulling up, whilst in a stationary position and during a transfer.

The tube is made from a combination of aluminium and plastic which makes it light-weight and low maintenance but still strong and sturdy. Furthermore, the plastic flanges and covers provide for electrical insulation.

The 32 mm diameter of the tube provides a comfortable grip for the hand. The plastic part has a non slip surface at the inside for extra security.

  • Provides a good grip and secure support in many indoor spaces and for users weighing up to 130 kg
  • Designed with an angle of 60° for a natural and comfortable grip
  • Non-slip surface for increased safety and security
  • The combination of plastic and aluminium provides for strength and low maintenance
  • Plastic flanges and covers for electrical insulation
  • After installation, the fixing points are covered and concealed for a stylish look and to make the grab rail easy to keep clean
  • Available in six different lengths and in neutral white colour only
  • Easy maintenance, clean regularly with normal household detergent

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Model specification
Art. no.261301226130162613018261302426130362613042
NameGrab railGrab railGrab railGrab railGrab railGrab rail
DescriptionStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 305 mmStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 406 mmStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 457 mmStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 610 mmStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 915 mmStraight grab rail, aluminium/plastic, white, 1070 mm
Total length305 mm406 mm457 mm610 mm915 mm1070 mm
Tube diameter32 mm32 mm32 mm32 mm32 mm32 mm
Distance tube-wall38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm
Number of flanges222222
Max. user weight130 kg130 kg130 kg130 kg130 kg130 kg
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