Shower chair textile seat

A freestanding shower chair available in two variants

Handicare’s freestanding Shower chair textile seat is an assistive device allowing the user to sit down safely and comfortably during showering or at the washbasin. The shower chair provides stable support for active users with weak legs, low stamina and/or poor balance and who require a little more support during sit-to-stand.

The freestanding Shower chair textile seat is available in two variants with different seat height.

Comfortable seat and backrest

The chair features a seat and a backrest which are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support. Both are made from a strong textile covering; a woven polyester with plastic coating, which is stretched tightly and firmly attached to the frame and which adapts to the body temperature during use. The covering is fully glued around and flush with the frame to facilitate sideways and standing transfers and provide for good hygiene.

Strong and practical armrests

Shower chair textile seat features strong and practical armrests designed to withstand a lot of load, including the sideways forces that are exerted during sideways transfers.The armrests offer comfortable support for the forearms while sitting and they are long enough to provide sustained support when standing up and sitting down. The armrests can be folded up individually, e.g. to facilitate a sideways transfers. When folded down, the armrest rests behind the backrest thereby preventing fingers, skin or hair from getting caught.

Order information

All variants of Handicare’s freestanding Shower chair textile seat are available in several materials; coated steel and coated stainless steel and polished stainless steel. All variants of Handicare’s freestanding Shower chair textile seat are available in the colour white only. The armrests are made from polyurethane (PUR) foam with a closed cell structure and available in anthracite colour only. The textile covering is available only in neutral white colour. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.

Note: If a polished stainless steel frame is chosen for the chair, the armrests are supplied with a white finish.

  • Stable, secure and comfortable support
  • Two different seat heights are available; 540 mm or 490 mm
  • Very easy to use
  • Solid, compact and hygienic design
  • Comfortable seat and backrest; water-proof with drainage
  • Individually folding armrests with ergonomic shape
  • Watertight construction; solid tubular frame
  • Durable materials; steel/stainless steel, textile and polyurethane foam, suitable for wet environments
  • Easy maintenance, clean regularly with normal household detergent
  • Strong and sturdy, provides reliable support for users weighing up to 200 kg

Other models and variants of Shower chair textile seat

Handicare’s Shower chair textile seat is available in several models (freestanding, mobile and self-propelling) and in many variants. The mobile variants are available with or without footrests and all models and variants are available with two different seat heights; 540 mm or 490 mm. Please click the links at the bottom of this page for more information.

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Model specification
Art. no.LI2139.000x-xxLI2139.100x-xx
NameShower chair textile seatShower chair textile seat
DescriptionFreestanding chair, seat height 540 mmFreestanding chair, seat height 490 mm
Coated steel white: LI2139.0001-02Coated steel white: LI2139.1001-02
Polished stainless steel white: LI2139.0002-00Polished stainless steel white: LI2139.1002-00
Coated stainless steel white: LI2139.0004-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2139.1004-02.
Total width625 mm625 mm
Total height1010 mm960 mm
Backrest width450 mm450 mm
Armrests length415 mm415 mm
Armrests width60 mm60 mm
Armrests height250 mm250 mm
Total depth635 mm635 mm
Seat height540 mm490 mm
Seat depth450 mm450 mm
Max user weight200 kg200 kg
Seat width450 mm450 mm
Max. load on armrest100 kg100 kg
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