Shower stools with arm supports

Comfortable, stable and secure support in the shower

Handicare’s shower stool with arm supports provides stable and height-adjustable support for more active users with reduced leg strenght, low stamina and/or unstable balance and who require a little bit of support and a convenient opportunity to sit down, comfortably and safely, in the shower or at the washbasin. The fixed arm supports at each side provide sturdy and secure support during rising up or sitting down.

The symmetric design allows the user to sit down from both sides, which means that the stool does not have to be turned or moved that often.

For users who need a little more support, the stool can be fitted with a soft and comfortable backrest, which is available as an accessory.

Several materials, sizes and seat options are available

The shower stool is available in two powder-coated materials; stainless steel/aluminium and aluminium, and in different sizes; with standard width and with narrow width. The narrow variants are especially suitable for bathrooms, toilets and showers with limited space.

The standard width variants are available with two different seats; a soft polyurethane (PUR) seat or a plastic seat (no picture available). Both seats are solid and featuring six openings for good water drainage. They are also designed to prevent slipping; the PUR-seat through the anti-slip properties of the material and the plastic seat through the shape.

The narrow variants are only available with the soft PUR-seat.

On all variants of the shower stool, the seats can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning.

Adjustable seat height for individual adaptation

For all variants of Handicare’s shower stool with arm supports, the seat height can easily be adjusted in 8 or 9 different positions, depending on the variant, to ensure the perfect fit for each user. The depth of the backrest, which is available as an accessory, can also be adjusted in 2 different positions. All adjustments are made using a quick-lock system; no tools are needed.

The shower stools are made from 100 % stainless materials making them very suitable for use in wet environments.

For maximum stability, the legs are fitted with non-slip ferrules with drainage holes.

  • Comfortable, stable and secure
  • Stainless materials, suitable for use in wet rooms
  • Compact sizes
  • The design makes the shower stool stackable
  • Two seat options; soft polyurethane (PUR) or plastic
  • Hygienic, removable seats with drainage holes
  • Sturdy arm supports with a comfortable diameter
  • Adjustable seat height; adjustable in 8 or 9 positions at 25 mm intervals, no tools needed
  • Adjustable backrest available as an accessory
  • Easy maintenance, clean regularly with normal household detergent
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg

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Model specification
Art. no.200600112200600312200601112200601312LI2002.0004-02
NameShower stools with arm supportsShower stools with arm supportsShower stools with arm supportsShower stools with arm supportsShower stools with arm supports
DescriptionWith arm supportsWith arm supports, standard width, whiteWith arm supportsWith arm supports, narrow width, whiteWith arm supports
Total width645 mm645 mm585 mm585 mm590 mm
Total height609-800 mm609-800 mm609-800 mm609-800 mm555-725 mm
Arm supports length135 mm135 mm135 mm135 mm190 mm
Arm supports height141.5 mm141.5 mm141.5 mm141.5 mm140 mm
Distance between arm supports500 mm500 mm440 mm440 mm485 mm
Total depth495 mm495 mm495 mm495 mm435 mm
Seat height420-620 mm420-620 mm420-620 mm420-620 mm415-585 mm
Seat depth352 mm352 mm352 mm352 mm310 mm
Max user weight150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg
Seat width426 mm426 mm426 mm426 mm410 mm
Total weight3.6 kg3.6 kg3.4 kg3.4 kg5.1 kg
Material, seatPlastic (ABS)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)Polyurethane (PUR)
Material, framePowder-coated stainless steel/aluminiumPowder-coated stainless steel/aluminiumPowder-coated stainless steel/aluminiumPowder-coated aluminumPowder-coated aluminum
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